Day 1 or 2

All of our middle and high school students know their schools are on two day rotating schedules. What many people don’t realize is that these schedules are part of the official district calendar. One reason people may not know this, is that schools do not refer to their schedules with the district standard labels of Day 1 or Day 2.  Many schools have labeled their schedules with their school colors or used other standards:

Erie Middle School – Orange(1) / Black(2)

Frederick High School – A Day(1) / B Day(2)

Heritage Middle School – Silver(1) / Maroon(2)

Longmont High School – Day 1 / Day 2

Niwot High School – Day 1 / Day 2

Silver Creek High School – Maroon(1) / Silver(2)

Skyline High School – Red(1) / Gold(2)


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