Whispering Forest

Andrea, Mackie, 12, Whispering Forest, Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Painting by Andrea Mackie

14 comments to Whispering Forest

  • Gabrielle Fuehrer

    I love this painting! It gives me a feeling that is alluring, haunting and ethereal all at the same time. I hope you do more kinds of paintings!

  • Gabe P

    how is like ten trees with no branches a forest. This needs work maybe add more trees

  • jenea smith

    i love the details

  • if only i wuz that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ><

  • Ashley

    I think this is a beautiful piece of art. A snapshot of a forest, like many I have visited on the east coast. Lovely.

  • As you can see with this picture it is very important to see that the sun is actually behind the tress and not in front of them as confused by many.It can be told by the shadow which falls very dramatically on the snow, of course I would think that the snow would have already melted, because it is rather weird that the sun is shining brightly through the trees. It could be the simple explanation though that it is very cold outside in which case i would have added a person to show the overall importance of the sun. Andrea is a very talented young girl and I can see that, because I have been an art critic for the last 58 years and the paintings just keep getting better. I stumbled upon this website in search of some calculus I could work on randomly as for my love to school and math! When I found this picture though I decided to share my knowledge of both art and the lord of the rings with everyone here. I just wanted to let everyone know of the difficulties with painting like this there is always a risk of using to much water or too little.

  • Wolf art

    This painting inspired me, feels like your actually in it

  • Maddie

    This is an amazing painting, Andrea! This exactly reminds me of Colorado in the winter. It also reminds me of a story that I once wrote, with a fantasy forest as the setting. Great job, and I hope you continue with your awesome work!

  • Astrid McDonald

    I so love the bare trees. Can I buy a black and white copy to enlarge to hang in my home? I have been looking for just one like that for a long time. Hopeful, Astrid McDonald. ps. You can always find me through Student Sercices at the St Vrain District level.

    • Andrea Mackie

      Hello Astrid,
      Are you still interested in buying a black and white copy? Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I didn’t know this website existed!

  • zakia vigil

    great job on the shadow! it has very good details!

  • Aria Blaylock

    nice work loks alsome

  • Andrea Mackie

    Thank you everyone for your comments!! I’m glad you all enjoy this piece!

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