1. wow Romelio these kicks are DOPE 2 THE MAX!! are those air yeezies? I would rock those fly things any day of the week broseph.

  2. If these show were real I would wear them! really cool and kinda like the ones I had this fall before I lost them in the flood! They look really fresh but kinda stinky haha. but what can you expect they are tennis shoes hehehe. But anyways wonderful job on these shoes wish i still had my pair that looks like these.

  3. Hey bro this is icy as a hockey puck bro! Love the color and all the detail put into this man! Its so American I just really love it! If i didnt play hockey 24/7 I would really be into these kicks bro! Kinda like my Apx 2 skates they are just really really fresh lookin man! I love it!

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