1. This reminds me of the song “Welcome to The Jungle.” It goes like “Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games!!!!” Then it goes into this sick guitar riff that pumps me up every time I hear it. Looking at your drawing brings back memories of when I listened to that song this morning. I have goosebumps. Keep up the awesome drawing skills and you’ll become a rockstar only with art instead of music!!!!!

  2. Ellie the elephant is cray cray cray! so accurate how she is a nice blue gary probably eating some hay every day! and if you aint like it that way, ima have to make ya like it that way so i pay ya. Parrot named Barrett on the paper of the drawing don’t tear it. Sorry just wanted to write a little rap song to this drawing! thought it was really inspirational!

  3. Little pin ball, come and fall. Let’s go ball, in the hall. Ellie the elephant says rah! rah! rah!!! That’s a chant I wrote that was inspired by your drawing and Spencer’s name for the elephant. I think that this should be made into an actual pin ball machine because it’s so good!!!

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