1. wow Taja, is this from the girl with the dragon tattoo?? That movie is too scary for me so I would’nt know, but it looks so fabulous!!!!!!!!!! I’d love to hear from you about this mysterious woman!!! 😉

  2. I absolutely love it. The whole color contrast draws me in. the white hare and bright tattoos just jump ot at me

  3. Never saw the Movie, so I wouldn’t know…just found it to my interests on Google X3 SO yes, veeery mysterious!

  4. Snapbacks and tattoos, white hair with small shoes, pretty girl with big blue eyes, she looks so cute and she don’t even try. Dreamier than dreamy for almost any guy, I fall in love with her and watch the time fly, if she breaks up with me then i think I’m gonna cry, then ill just ask myself why why?

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