1. Based on feedback that this is too scary for some elementary kids, I am showing a smaller preview. Thoughts?

  2. While I`m all for protecting kids from nightmares, I think it is a bit biased for any middle/high school kids who want to enjoy the full drawing. If there`s a way to have a separate link for the full picture so higher-level students can admire the artwork, I believe that would be a decent compromise, settling both the 4 in favor of the drawing and the 1 against it.

  3. If you click on the picture itself you will see the whole image.

  4. Thanks. Sorry to be a bug, but compared to modern art these days, I need all the fill of good art a film critic like me can get.

  5. Another note: I added the title to the post. Many times I do not get one from the artist or the teacher but need one for the site. I actually picked the title “Scary Skull” becaus I thought it would new less scary for the younger students.

  6. I have to agree that it’s too scary for younger kids, but you have to admit that young children- like 3rd grade and down- don’t go on this site too much.

  7. And also, if Dan and the other Ceran moderators don’t think it’s too scary to post, then it’s probably not.

  8. That is exceptional talent for a middle school kid! He could get a job with Industrial Light and Magic tomorrow.

  9. Incredible Trey! This Grim Reaper is…WOW! Scary, yes. Artistically brilliant, yes. Keep it up!

  10. This is AMAZING! You are so talented in so many ways! It is eye catching, but I would not like to meet him in face to face!

  11. All small children should know that they have a spooky skeleton inside of them. Sheltering kids from skeletons is like sheltering them from a part of their own being.

  12. This is super cool artwork. Trey you have an amazing talent. Follow your heart and keep up the great work!

  13. I’m sorry but this isn’t scary and i know 2nd graders that can watch movies that even I’m not allowed to watch. Based on the things kids are exposed to now a days, this is nothing. Otherwise, really good drawing.

  14. AH! THis is a scarry pece of art!! my friend jsust showed me this and i got ultra spooked

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