6 Panel

Watercolor by Geraldine

4 comments to 6 Panel

  • i really like it. it expresses beauty and differance. like saying “we’re different, but the same. theres no difference. just the color. but dont worry i wont judge you. you’r not the only one.”

  • Judy

    Just lovely…colours great!! Well done!!

  • TheHappyArtist

    Wow…… this is beautiful. Like Audrey said, it really gives a message. The color schemes are just gorgeous. It’s like a mosaic, or a stained-glass window. And besides all that, the rose itself is beautifully and artfully drawn. It’s almost like you just took a photograph, printed it in black-and-white, and colored it with watercolor. Great job, Geraldine!

  • ANEL

    so pretttyyyyyyyy

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