1. Wow! This is just fantastic! So proud of your artistic abilities. I hope you had as much fun creating it as we do admiring it. Well done!

  2. Wow! Congrats, Max! This is a VERY impressive work of art! Proud of ya, buddy!

  3. Everybody here is talking about the film…. it used to be a TV show, and still a classic example of claymation. But that`s beside the point- good job Max.

  4. Wow Max, this is amazing! I have found that it is so hard to correctly draw animated characters, but you did an excellent job. Gromit’s expression is so perfect!! It’s so clear what he thinks about Wallace. 😉 Two thumbs up/five stars!!

  5. its nice but it seems a little… uncertain, the lines could be a bit bolder and standy-outish because this piece of art seems like its “fading”, i promise you’ll be better if you keep on working on this! rating: 2/5

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