1. great job on the butterfly. can you teach me to do that. I wish i could do that. wow you have so much talent inside of you. You should thin about pursuing a career in art, you could make tons of money. Keep up the good work friend!!

  2. OMG so good!!! The colors on the wing remind me of fire and my love of nature. Keep up the good work. You go girl OMG you rock

  3. Great Job Brooklynn! I love how the antenna are shaped. They add movement to the picture and make it more life like. Thank you Ceran for sharing our art.

  4. Butterfly fly and please fly just so high! You are just so beautiful and you don’t even try! if you were a human being you would be my favorite guy! Sorry I just had to write you a little poem because butterflies are my favorite insects, and in fact I am going to go to the butterfly pavilion on Thursday! But the way you incorporated these colors on the wings of this creature really bring out my fire for nature! absolutely stunning Brooklyn!

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