1. Well I really like the dynamical structure of the tree and I would encourage more work by Augustus Ruck, Of course being an art critic I see a lot of paintings some bad and some good, but this one is going on my good side. Of course this all leads back to when I was seven and looked at my first painting. This painting of a tree reminded so much of the tree in our back yard that was later brutally chopped down by my father who hated the environment. But staying on topic I think Augustus did a great job here portraying the importance of still life and of wonderful things we sometimes don’t even notice.I also have to say I really like the grass it is very impressive so look at because of the importance of love portrayed in this picture. It also reminds of forrest Gump, when Forrest and Jenny are sitting on the tree and Forrest wants to go home, but Jenny doesn’t let him. Once again I am getting of topic but it is ok because we all know that I am just enjoying the importance and brilliance of Augustus who showed us the true meaning of life……

  2. Wow, it looks so real…… Like a black-and-white photograph……. I think enough has been said by the other commentors on this one!! 😉

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