1. personally, Kole i believe your comment was pretty rude. Constructive criticism would be better than just saying “its not good”. This drawing must have required the artist to have a lot of vision. its not all connected and that is the beauty of it.

  2. Hi Kendra, I moderate all the comments on this site and I had to think about Kole’s comment a long time before I released it. I completely disagree with Kole’s assessment. I like the drawing but since he made the statement about “scratchy lines”, I though he had gone the tiniest bit into constructive criticism. Thank you for your comment. -Dan

  3. I just thought it came off as a little degrading, if anything. I don’t even know the artist. The “just” ruined any kind of constructive criticism because it degraded it to “just scratchy lines”. When it isn’t, this is more, it’s art.

  4. sorry dan that was my friend, i agree with your assessment and think that this is a very good drawing.

  5. Great job. The person who didn’t like it, in my opinion that was pretty rude, anyways great drawing, it’s beautiful

  6. Wow, it’s Niagra Falls…. almost……. I’ve been there once, with my dad. It’s amazing.

  7. As the artist of this piece, I don’t see how “scratchy lines” can be considered constrictive criticism. If anything it shows a complete lack of consideration for how much time and effort I put into this piece.

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