1. Well first painting I have seen on here…..and it is very interesting, because if you can tell the balloon is traveling very fast over the landscape. I do not like the unrealistic ground and the change of color in the clouds. But it reminds me of the misty mountains in the lord of the rings and I very much value the importance of the LOTR movies. I very much like that there is no person in the balloon also I think that Emily is a wonderful person this is the second painting I have seen from her on here. She is a brilliant minded person and I encourage more things. The lord of the rings is a very good movie and I encourage peter Jackson to make more movies. I really like the dynamical structure of the clouds and I think that these clouds represent the movie UP in which a young boy is faced with the challenge of friendship to and elderly man. I also believe that the grass represents the candy grass from the movie charlie and the chocolate factory. The mountains as already mentioned are the misty mountains. Well when gollum had the ring in the misty mountains it was very easy to see that smeagol was going to be and important character in the lord of the rings. I believe that this arcylic painting is very important to todays society in many ways. I also think that this painting has a lot of political value to America and I think that Obama will likely see this in the future. Emily is very talented and she should continue to draw for everything we believe in, I think that this is the meaning of life…..She put it into one painting…..Great stuff Emily and remember stay in school

  2. this reminds me of the balloon fiesta in NM! i love when pictures bring back memories!

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