1. I love death. The smell of it. The feel of it. The sounds. Amazing death. **sniffs air** That was me smelling the death.

  2. So deathly like. I love the scent of the air, the wind is blowing the stingy scent of the flower in my direction.

  3. Actually, I hate to correct your drawing, but it seems that the stem is facing against the wind while the petals are not. Due to gravitational force I believe the stem should be pointing in the opposite direction, via a 180 degree angle. If you do the math you will see that instead of tilting the flower towards the wind, it would be a change of about 57 degrees estimate. Sorry, but the artwork is mathematically incorrect, but lovely as well. I hope I haven’t made you feel awkward or embarrassed.

  4. I would like to state that coment #4 shouldn’t try to be a smart alic.

    Is alic a russian name? Did I spell rusian wrong?

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